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Powering Unlimited 3D/AR Experiences

Elevate your brand in the digital realm. Dive deep into immersive 3D and AR experiences, transforming buzzwords into essential business tools.

Powering Innovation For Industry Tech Leaders

Powering Innovation For Industry Tech Leaders
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Scalable 3D/AR Solutions for Modern Enterprises

Evolve your brand from static 2D to interactive 3D/AR media with Threedium's enterprise solutions. Deploy thousands of lifelike 3D product experiences across in-store, e-comm, content & gaming channels. Ideal for brands, studios, and agencies aiming to elevate digital product representation while optimizing costs and time.

One 3D File, Infinite Possibilities

Threedium's advanced 3D/AR toolkit surpasses traditional tools. With 3D viewers, intuitive configurators, and dynamic ad banners, elevate your eCommerce & content. Use one 3D file for streamlined, immersive brand experiences

Our tools

  • Hyperrealistic 3D Product Views
    3D Product Views

    Experience the epitome of visual clarity. Threedium brings you the highest fidelity 3D displays for Web & Mobile browsers, ensuring your products stand out with unmatched realism.

    Deeper Insights: Delve deep into user behaviors and preferences, leveraging our sophisticated tools to continually enhance your offerings.

  • 3D Interactive Ads
    3D Interactive Ads
    Patent Pending

    Step beyond traditional advertising with our groundbreaking 3D Interactive Ad format. Engage customers more effectively than ever, driving them to product PDP pages with increased speed and capturing their attention over conventional 2D & rich media formats. Experience a revolution in advertising, ensuring your product stands out in the digital realm.

    Enhanced Engagement: Harness the power of 3D visuals to captivate your audience, ensuring a deeper connection and prompting swifter action towards product exploration.

  • Real-Time 3D Customization
    Real-Time 3D

    Elevate your eCommerce experience with our real-time 3D product displays & explosive views. Allow customers to interact with and explore products in lifelike detail directly on your website, enhancing their buying confidence.

    Interactive Exploration: Offer users the opportunity to view every angle, detail, and feature of your product in the highest fidelity, ensuring they have all the information they need for an informed purchase.

  • High-Fidelity AR Experiences
    High-Fidelity AR

    Threedium brings to you the future of shopping. All our 3D experiences seamlessly transition into augmented reality, offering a turn-key solution for an immersive buying journey. Powered by Threedium's AR customization technology, customers can indulge in real-time product customization, whether they're in-store, browsing on web, mobile, or interacting with OOH displays. And the best part? All of this is accessible directly from a browser, eliminating the need for any app downloads.

    One Unified Experience: Dive into a realm where 3D and AR merge, giving consumers an unparalleled interactive shopping experience, all under one roof, and all without barriers.

Cutting-Edge 3D Format for Ultimate IP Security

Threedium's .TUF file format ensures top IP protection against AI & web theft for 3D assets. Brands deploying from our platform trust our unmatched digital safeguarding. Opt for Threedium over open-source options for unparalleled brand security in the digital space.

All Powered by Our State-Of-The-Art Engine: Unlimited3D

No downloads, no hassle. Dive into a boundless, cloud-based 3D experience, enabling infinite creativity and cross-collaboration. Empower developers and studios to harness the power of our tools and APIs, crafting powerful product experiences in-house.

Explore Unlimited 3D Platform o What Can We Really Do?

Broad File Support and Seamless Integration

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Unlimited3D isn't just versatile; it's prepared for your needs. Supporting OBJ, FBX, and GLB files - with more formats coming soon - we ensure you're never limited.

Powerful API’s at Your Fingertips

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Our robust library of API’s provide over 50+ calls, allowing developers to craft extensive 3D solutions tailored to your needs.

Iframe Integration

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Unlock a hassle-free experience with Iframe Integration. By offering a straightforward approach, Threedium ensures that embedding your 3D models into any web solution is as easy as a copy and paste.

CMS Plugins

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With Threedium's CMS Plugins, integrating 3D into your platform is both easy and efficient. Our plugins, constructed upon our versatile API library, are specifically tailored to grant smooth integrations. Whether you're on WordPress, Shopify, Magento, or other platforms, expect a streamlined experience.

Optimize & Export Like Never Before

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Unleash the power of Unlimited3D's optimization capabilities. Seamlessly export solutions tailored for platforms such as AWS, Salesforce, Nvidia, SnapAR, and Unreal & Unity gaming platforms.
All Powered by Our State-Of-The-Art Engine: Unlimited3D
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Threedium delivers holistic digital solutions
that are fast, hi-def, and seamlessly scalable


Revolutionize Your eCommerce with Threedium's Advanced 3D & AR Suite

Threedium's cutting-edge 3D viewers present your products in hyper-realistic detail, giving customers the clarity they seek when shopping online. This high level of precision leads to more confident purchases and significantly reduces return rates.

Elevate Online Shopping Experience o What Can We Really Do?

Boost Sales and Engage More Customers

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Boost Sales and Engage More Customers: Statistics show that implementing 3D customizers can boost sales substantially. With Threedium's tools, not only have our clients witnessed up to a 26% rise in sales, but they've also reduced inventory management costs, further amplifying margins. Our technology truly revolutionizes customer engagement and conversions

One Model, Multiple Uses

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One Model, Sustainable Efficiency: Harness a single 3D model with Threedium to optimize and green your production workflows. Utilize this model for immersive ad banners, PDP pages, and more. This sustainable approach minimizes resource use, ensures consistency across touchpoints, and curtails production time and costs.

Bulk Deploy with Ease

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Bulk Deploy with Ease: Scale your 3D and AR visuals seamlessly. Threedium allows clients to deploy thousands of product visuals and content for banners and PDP pages in one go. Plus, our solutions are fully compatible with major platforms like Amazon and Salesforce, ensuring a smooth integration into your existing eCommerce ecosystem.

AR Virtual Try-Ons for an Enhanced Experience

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AR Virtual Try-Ons for an Enhanced Experience: Showcase your products in true-to-size dimensions with Threedium's AR. Let customers virtually "try before they buy", bridging the digital and physical realms for an unparalleled immersive shopping experience.


Revolutionize Your eCommerce with Threedium's Advanced 3D & AR Suite Overlay


Unified 3D Solutions for Streamlined Content Production

Harness the power of a single 3D asset to create dynamic content for gaming platforms, CGI videos, social campaigns, OOH, and commercials, ensuring consistency and efficiency across platforms.

Supercharge Your Content Strategy o What Can We Really Do?

One Asset, Multiple Uses

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One Asset, Multiple Uses: Leverage a singular 3D model to generate content for web, mobile, and various ad campaigns. Ensure brand uniformity and reduce production time.

AR Campaign Excellence

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AR Campaign Excellence: Launch captivating AR campaigns on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. With Threedium's technology, engage audiences in immersive experiences that resonate.

Integrated Content Management

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Integrated Content Management: Threedium’s solutions enable large content production teams to manage and deploy high-fidelity assets with ease, ensuring collaboration and cohesion.

Cross-Platform Consistency

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Cross-Platform Consistency: Whether it’s OOH displays, CTV commercials, or gaming platforms, ensure your brand messaging remains consistent with Threedium's 3D asset integration.

Efficient Production Workflow

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Efficient Production Workflow: Minimize redundancies and optimize workflow by using one 3D model across all marketing initiatives, from social campaigns to CGI video production.

Future-Ready Advertising

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Future-Ready Advertising: Stay ahead in the dynamic digital landscape with Threedium's advanced 3D solutions, ready to integrate with the next big platform or trend.



Revolutionizing In-Store Experiences with 3D & AR

Transform your brick-and-mortar stores into immersive shopping arenas with Threedium's cutting-edge 3D and AR solutions. Provide context, and elevate the retail experience, driving confidence and sales

Captivate Your In-store Visitors o What Can We Really Do?

One Asset, Multiple Uses

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Dynamic Window Displays: Leverage 3D visuals to create eye-catching storefront displays, drawing customers in and setting the stage for a futuristic shopping journey.

Empowered Sales Teams

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Empowered Sales Teams: Equip your sales staff with digital customization tools, offering personalized product recommendations and enhancing customer engagement in real time.

Virtual Try-Ons

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Virtual Try-Ons: Let customers visualize products on themselves or in their spaces before making a purchase, fostering confidence and reducing return rates.

Retailtainment Revolution

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Retailtainment Revolution: Engage and entertain shoppers with interactive 3D and AR displays, turning shopping trips into memorable experiences and fostering brand loyalty.

In-Aisle Product Discovery

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In-Aisle Product Discovery: Through Threedium's AR capabilities, customers can scan mobile-ready QR codes placed strategically in the aisles. This allows for an instant dive into detailed product information, reviews, and 3D visualizations, aiding in informed purchasing decisions.

Boost Consumer Confidence

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Boosting Consumer Confidence: By offering a deeper understanding of products through 3D visualizations, shoppers can gain a comprehensive feel for items, ensuring they buy with more confidence. This tangible connection bridges the digital-physical divide, ensuring satisfaction and minimizing post-purchase dissonance.

Seamless Mobile Experiences

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Seamless Mobile Experiences: Threedium's solutions are tailored for on-the-go discovery. Shoppers can effortlessly transition from in-store exploration to mobile research, ensuring they have all the information they need right at their fingertips.

Drive In-Store Sales

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Drive In-Store Sales: By immersing customers in enriched shopping experiences and providing them with the context they need, Threedium’s solutions not only enhance the in-store journey but also actively contribute to boosting sales and brand loyalty.


Revolutionizing In-Store Experiences with 3D & AR

Brands Trust Threedium
for the Ultimate Digital Transformation

With the world's highest fidelity 3D/AR for Web & Mobile applications, we're shaping the future, one industry at a time.


With Threedium's unmatched tools and services, transition from traditional 2D to vivid, lifelike 3D/AR, enriching every interaction. Experience immersion, demand precision, and ensure high fidelity at every touchpoint.

We're not just leaders in 3D/AR tech. We're your trusted partner in the digital era.


Boasting 7 years of innovation and client triumphs. As the global frontrunner in high-fidelity 3D/AR for mobile and web, we've set the gold standard for immersive experiences.


Experience hassle-free integration with Threedium, designed for optimal cross-device compatibility.

Tangible Outcomes

Our strategies consistently amplify engagement, manifesting in increased order sizes and heightened conversion rates.

Global Customer

Benefit from unmatched customer service, with our global presence spanning from NYC, Dubai, and Barcelona, to London and Cyprus.

  • "Their technologies help customers to get the best of both worlds—the convenience of virtual shopping, with the experience they would have with the products in real life. It's another step forward in IPG's approach to Total Commerce alongside our clients."

    Jeriad Zoghby

    Chief Commerce Strategy Officer


  • “With this alliance, we gain access to an invaluable team with the expertise to unleash the full potential of 3D and AR technology, which combined with the incredible creative and production capabilities already offered by McCann Worldgroup and our production agency Craft, provides a unique and powerful value proposition for our clients.”

    Kate MacNevin

    Chief Operating Officer

    McCann Worldgroup

  • “Threedium's immersive 3D tech allows forward-thinking brands to achieve cost savings, demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, and help buyers better visualize the products they are buying by replacing samples with detailed interactive 3D on the web.”

    Dipak Pandya


  • “Threedium is the ideal partner in our journey, as they continue to democratize access to tools for the creation and distribution of 3D and AR experiences.”

    Andrea Abrams

    Faith Tribe

  • “Incredible attention to detail and we are so excited to have been a part of this amazing project. It feels euphoric to have everyone on the Threedium team helping our 3D configurator come to life!”

    Laura Kofoid

    Laudi Vidni

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