What 3D file types do you support?

The Unlimited3D platform supports OBJ, FBX and GLB. Further file types will be supported soon. However, most 3D modelling software is able to export 3D files into one of the four aforementioned formats.

How many people can work on the same project?

You may add up to four collaborators, however, should you need to expand your team access, this can be increased through your plan limits.

I’m looking for a custom solution, can you help?

Absolutely. Threedium understands that companies have unique requirements and we offer custom projects to ensure your objectives can be achieved.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, the monthly subscription plan can be cancelled any time before it renews.

Do you have an API?

Yes, we have an API that your developers can use for any integration, especially for extensive 3D solutions. We have over 50+ API calls.

How can I publish 3D solutions built on Unlimited3D on my own website? (CMS or web environment)?

We offer 3 different export/embedding options 1. Iframe - a simple copy & paste into any web solution. 2. API library (integration where the user can have increased control and dynamically manipulate the 3D content.) 3. CMS plugins (based on API library but with easy installation and run on various CMS's such as WP, Shopify, Magneto, etc.) feature coming soon

Is Unlimited3D free to use?

Unlimited3D has a free 14 days trial. However, you can add collaborators to your project who don’t need to have premium plan accounts. While they can be collaborators for free, they can’t create their own projects and can only work on the project they were invited to.

My solution is crashing on mobile?

The usual reasons that are causing the crashes on the mobile are big environment maps and the extent number of textures. Try reducing the size of your textures as much as possible, and consider creating a copy solution for mobile devices. This will allow you to retain high quality on the desktop version, and the mobile version with smaller textures will work as well.

What’s the triangle limitation for my 3D?

The maximum number of triangles we can support is 420.000 triangles.

Thank You for Subscribing!

Thank You for Subscribing!

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